Akwaaba Mart is a sustainable brand from Africa and Middle East, sourcing and creating products that share Middle East and Africa’s ancient resources and secrets with the rest of the world.

We provide goods at affordable price, whilst simultaneously empowering hundreds of women and men in rural communities through our supply chain.

Through an unwavering commitment to using the purest natural ingredients and a devotion to excellence in quality, Akwaaba Mart offers a range of luscious formulations made from natural products They are as good for women as for men, children and babies.

Guided core values of ethical behavior and sourcing, nature preservation and job creation, Akwaaba Mart is one of very few companies to SOURCE, MANUFACTURE, PACKAGE, SELL AND EXPORT worldwide especially in Middle East and Africa, creating employment for hundreds of families,  across the entire value chain in a region with high unemployment rates and a booming youth population.

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